How to post on this site

If you would like to submit facts and have not talked to me in person, please e-mail me and I’ll give you access to post.

Do not post anything that is offensive or innapropriate.

Make it fun and easy to understand…no astro-physics please.

Bonus to those who post their facts in the stylings of Douglass Adams (satire rich, and comical).

To post: You can either make your own profile on Obsidian Portal and request that I add you as a character, or you can log in to Obsidian Portal using the Guest ID: Hitchhikerguest and the Password: mostlyharmless. Click on ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to Planet Earth’ link under ‘Campaigns,’ then click on the links to get to the page you want to post on. Click edit page, and add your fact to the box, and then hit save.

How to post on this site

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